30 jul. 2016

►. Decor July 3

Little Llama - Dharma Frame (Red)
Rekt Tribal Deer Red @Cosmopolitan Finnish today!
Soothe. Cross Light (caramel)
Lark - matryoshka - twinkle lights
Serenity Style- Bring it to me - candle
[Brixley] Autumn Accent Table
Serenity Style-  Himawari Doll Pink  (sit)
"Blooming Spring in Paris" Couple Bedsofa (ADULT)  2.0 beige
Serenity Style- Poly the Cat - Plain
Serenity Style-Le Bistro Cookies Box
..::TH::.. Moka Coffee
Serenity Style- Five Minutes Whisky Bottle
Serenity Style- Milano Caffe Cup
[Lemon Chilliz]- Coffee Table (5 LI) (Mesh) 
Serenity Style- Bring it to me  -plant
Kalopsia - Emily's Faux Fur Rug
[Brixley] Framed Glitter Deer Silhouette - RARE