30 oct 2012

#. 533

Hair: Magika [01] Today
Skin: al vulo- Jenny * bonus claveage fairy
Eyes: IKON Kaleido Eyes - Crystal (M) @Tomorrow Today NEW!!
Dress/Shirt: LUSE - Eli Shirt/Jacket - Titanium (Grey)*Marketplace*    NEW!!
Necklace: [EY:NO] Glamour Cross Necklace (Silver) 
Clutch: LUSE - Olympia Leather Clutch Bag - Black *Marketplace*  NEW!!
Shorts: [[>CaKe!<]] Denim Shorts Dark-Mesh
Shoes: Fri. 

#. 532

Hair: Magika [Hair] Break
Skin: al vulo- leilani* pink claveage milk
Jacket: [Foppish]Riders Cardigan-{Brown} NEW!!
Dress/Shirt: LUSE - Eli Shirt/Jacket - Roast (Brown) *Marketplace*  NEW!!
Necklace:{SMS} Treble Clef Necklace Silver spine
Pants: {mon tissu} Nora Skinny Jeans 
Shoes:  fri. - Basic.Flats (Brown)
Pose: Model Poses - Pack 9

29 oct 2012

#. 531

Hair: >TRUTH< Parisa
Skin: al vulo!- Polly 2*  natural teeth claveage caramel
Shirt: {Happy Pencil} Dot shirt peach NEW!!
Clutch: Izzie's - Clutch brown
Clock: DDL
Bangles: [EY:NO] Mess Bangles 
Pants: Mon tissu
Shoes:  Mstyle
Pose: Model Poses - pack 12 

28 oct 2012

#. 530

Hair: Burley 
Skin:  al vulo- Livia * candy 2 blonde brow claveage sunkissed
Shirt: {Happy Pencil} Le Dog shirt NEW!!
Pants: -BC- High Waist Jeans 
Bangles:  [EY:NO] Mess Bangles ( Copper) NEW!!
Shoes:  (Milk Motion) My pocahontas sandals low
Pose: Model Poses - Pack 12 - C NEW!!

27 oct 2012

#. 529

Hair: Magika [01] Tomorrow  
Skin:  Izzie's - Dailyn Skin sunkissed LB CL
Lips: Izzie's - Lipstick red 
Dress: : ) BCC. Clueless school girl Vintage Flower  NEW!!
Jacket: {MoYaz} Daisy Mesh Duffle vest ~ Basic collection - Brown  NEW!!
Sweater: [celoe.gea.top.cocoa]
Thigts:  Izzie's - Sheer Tights Brown  NEW!!

26 oct 2012

#. 528

Hair: Magika [01] Today New!!
Skin: Izzie's - Elena Skin natural
Dress: : ) BCC. Clueless school girl brown XS New!!
Tights: Izzie's - Tights brown  New!!
Bag:  Poison - +Bal+A-Maya bag No avaiable.
Shoes: Mon tissu

#. 527 Wait and wait ..

Hair: (r)M ~ Hair(Mesh) No.03 ~ Champagne NEW!! 
Skin: al vulo- julia *natural blonde cleavage sunkissed
Dress: [Foppish]Fit & Flare Dress-{Black}
Bracelet: : Amorous : Splendor Solis  NEW!! Tomorrow Today Avaiable 30 Oct  - Nov 30 
Tights:  Izzie's - Tights brown (basics) NEW!! 
Shoes:  Mstyle 

Sofa: Prism Furniture Flanagan  Sofa NEW!!
Courtains:  Prism Furniture Flanagan Curtian NEW!! 

All set! 

The set  includes :

Photo frames 
Grandfather clock
Rose vases
Coffee table
Fire screen
Side table
Hanging light

25 oct 2012

#. 526

Hair:  "LoQ Hairs" Baileys - Light Brown
Skin: Izzie's - Cristina Skin pale LB
Lashes: [[Mozz]] Cosmetics - Eyelashes Version 2 06 & 07
Sweater Top: {Happy Pencil} My sweater XS NEW!!
Necklace:  .::YoPulga::. Halloween Cat Necklace (Group Gift) NEW!!
Pants: {Happy Pencil} high waisted shorts #2 NEW!!
Sandals + Feet : *GA*
Pose: Le Poppycock - Allergic to bullshit

Sale in YoPulga!!

Go for It!! 

23 oct 2012

#. 525

Hair: [e]
Lashes: [[Mozz]] Cosmetics - Eyelashes Version 2 06 & 07
Skin: Izzie's - Cristina Skin pale LB CL
Lips:   Izzie's  - Lipstick natural (Cristina skin)
Cape: ::[annaA]:: Cape [brown] S
Top: ::C'est la vie!:: balloon hem tops(plain brown)mesh-S NEW!!
Pants: [Cynful] Zia Denim Short - Mesh ~ Blue 
Whatch: [EY:NO] Watch & Leaf-Bracelets  (silver) NEW!!
Thignts:  Izzie's  - Tights brown NEW!!
Pumps:  *{ SeVered GarDeN }* Nana Pumps NEW!!

22 oct 2012

#. 524

Hair: [ 69 ]
Skin: al vulo- Livia * natural blonde brow fairy
Lips: Izzie's Lipstick Fuyu Strawberry  NEW!!
Dress: ***ARISARIS IGS9 Multitextures Dress XS NEW!!
Scarf: {MoYaz} Bailey Mesh scarf ~ Basic collection - Brown NEW!!
Cardigan: [DDL] Just a Few BASICS Cardigan (Black) 
Tights: Izzie's - Sheer Tights (Basics) black NEW!!

21 oct 2012

#. 523 My Halloween's Look.

Hair: DeLa 
Skin: Izzie's - Fuyu Skin pale LB NEW!!
Jacket: - CHANDELLE - Jacket Ty. black
Dress: .::CENSORED::.Cute Skull Dress NEW!!
 Tights: Izzie's - Sheer Tights (Basics) Black less sheer NEW!! 
Shoes: ::{u.f.o}::day dream ballet shoes  - bird
Pose: Model Poses - pack 9 - A NEW!!

New Release Izzie's avaiable in this colours. 

19 oct 2012

#. 523

Avaiable in: Caramel, Pale, Sunkissed, cocoa, deep tan, mocha, fair, porcelain tones.
12 Eyeshadows & 12 Lipsticks.

Hair: DeLa 
Skin: Izzie's - Fuyu Skin pale LB NEW!!
Dress: *-GC-* Green Flower Dress XS Boho Culture Fair NEW!!

16 oct 2012

#. 522

Hair: >TRUTH< Hailey - barley
Skin: al vulo- Livia * natural blonde brow claveage fairy
Dress: MIMI NOIRE::Boho dress [silver spruce] S Boho Culture Fair NEW!!
Braces: [M] Prim Teeth v2 - Regular Braces
Shoes: *GA* 

15 oct 2012

#. 521

Hair: >TRUTH< India - chocolate
Skin: B CUP [MyDear] May Skin--Medium 3 NEW!!
Dress: MIMI NOIRE::Autumn triangle dress [autumn sky] S The Boho Culture Fair NEW!!
Feet: {MoYaz} Mesh bare feet ~ NEW!!

14 oct 2012

#. 520

Hair: >TRUTH< Parisa (Mesh) - barley
Skin: A CUP [MyDear] May Skin--Medium 2 NEW!!
Sweater: The Secret Store - Oversized Sweater - Print/Chalk
Leggins: The Secret Store - Wool tights grey
Shoes: Karried Ballet Flat Black 

12 oct 2012

#. 519

Hair: >TRUTH< Fiona - chocolate
Skin: al vulo- miha * pink claveage peach
Shirt: [Foppish]Fringe TShirt-{Aquarius} NEW!! 
Pants: {MoYaz} Mia Mesh Skinny Jeans - Basic Collection Grey NEW!!
Bracelet: [EY:NO] Mess Bangles 
Shoes: Slave 

#. 518

Hair: >TRUTH< Hilary - barley
Skin: al vulo- Debbie * natural 2 claveage cream
Shirt: [Foppish]Basic Buttondown-{Black}-S NEW!!
Glasses: .::YoPulga::. Nerd Glasses
Clock: [DDL] BitterSweet (W) Resizer
Pants: [Foppish]Ankle Crop Skinny-{DarkBlue}-S NEW!!
Shoes: Mstyle

#. 517

Hair: Burley
Skin: Izzie's - Faith Skin natural BLB 
Lips:Izzie's - Lipstick nude pink  
Eyeshadows:  Izzie's - Faith Eyeshadow pink 
Hoodie: [Foppish]Fleece Zip Hoody-{Pink}-S NEW!!
Shirt: {mon tissu} Lollia Tank Top - Black 
Pants: [Foppish]Ankle Crop Skinny-{Black}-S NEW!!
Shoes: [ JP ]:dsg. Sneaker Supreme / Multi-color / 

#. 516

Hair: >TRUTH< Elle
Skin: Izzie's - Fuyu Skin pale LB NEW!!
Lips: Izzie's - Lipstick light peach NEW!!
Freckes: Izzie's - Fuyu Freckles pale (face only) NEW!!
Lashes: [[Mozz]] Lashes (Version 2) - 02
Shirt: .:villena:. - Panda Skull cotton pullover [fem s]
Leggins: No avaiable.
Shoes: [ JP ]:dsg. Sneaker Supreme / Multi-color  

11 oct 2012

#. 515

Hair: [69]
Skin:  Izzie's - Fuyu Skin pale LB NEW!!
Lips: Izzie's - Lipstick light rose NEW!!
Brush: Izzie's - Blush NEW!!
Eyeshadows: Izzie's - Fuyu Eyeshadow pinkblue NEW!!
Cardigan: [DDL] Just a Few BASICS Cardigan (Black)  S NEW!!
Dress: .:villena:. - MESH Dress IceCream 
Clock:  [DDL] BitterSweet 
Shoes: Mstyle 

10 oct 2012

#. 514

Hair: >TRUTH< Stephanie - barley
Skin: {.essences.} INDY - Medium (blond) NEW!!
Lips: {.essences.} INDY Lipstick 13 NEW!!
Dress: KIM-Maysa Leather Mesh Dress-Medium-Red Temporal GroupGift NEW!!

#. 513

Hair:  >TRUTH< Bree 
Skin: al vulo- Livia * natural 2 blonde brow claveage sunkissed NEW!!
Eyerliner: AL vulo!* Eyeliner brown NEW!!
Shirt: {MoYaz} Pia mesh top - Pastel Collection taupe NEW!!
Jacket::- CHANDELLE - Jacket Ty brown [M] MESH
Pants: {MoYaz} Mia skinny jeans  faded blue size S NEW!!
Shoes: Mstyle.

8 oct 2012

#. 512

Hair: Tameless Felicity - Blondes (mesh) NEW!!
Skin: ::[annaA]:: Skin "Gennyfa" SYSP
Top: {dollle*} 018 Ruffle Tube Top Pink NEW!!
Bracelet: ASO! Leather Bracelet-cross + coin (p.pinkxsilver)
Tattoo face: Izzie's - Lipstick Kiss pink Past Valentine GroupGift.
Tattoo Belly:  [EY:NO] ~ Tattoo LoVe Me  2.0 layer~
Tatoo Body: [EY:NO] Who kissed you ??
Pants: Mon Tissu

7 oct 2012

#. 511

Hair: [69]
Skin:  al vulo- Livia * candy blonde claveage sunkissed NEW!! 
Eyes: al vulo-! *imagine season eyes
Eyeliner: al vulo-!* Eyeliner black NEW!! 
Lashes: Al Vulo! MEsh Lashes
Jacket: Apple May Designs - Trendy Trench - Blue NEW!!
Skirt: [S] Autumn floral skirt *grey*
Bangles: [EY:NO] Mess Bangles (silver) 

#. 510

Skin: al vulo- Livia * natural 2 blonde brow claveage sunkissed NEW!!
Eyes: al vulo-! *imagine season eyes NEW!! 
Eyeliner: al vulo-!* Eyeliner black NEW!! 
Outfit: Boho Happening Dress (mesh) - Earth & Sky Designs Boho The Boho Culture Fair
 Start : 15October NEW!! 
Shoes: ~CandyMetal~ Suvi Wedge Sandas MESH Black  The Boho Culture Fair NEW!! 

6 oct 2012

#. 509

Hair: Truth
Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::Gabriela:::*LightSkin*J1 NEW!!
Outfits: *{ SeVered GarDeN }* Nana Classic,dark & baby. NEW!!

#. 508

Hair: >TRUTH< Tashia
Skin: al vulo- Livia * black blonde brow claveage sunkissed NEW!!
Eyes: al vulo-! *imagine season eyes NEW!! 
Eyeliner: al vulo-!* Eyeliner black NEW!! 
Jacket + Shirt: ~CandyMetal~ Samie Outfit Grey NEW!!
Pants: KIM- Mesh Summer Short -Small-Black 
Necklace: .::YoPulga:: Black Cross Necklace (Mesh)
Shoes: Mstyle

#. 507 Sport Day!

Hair: No avaiable.
Skin: al vulo- Livia * pink blonde brow claveage fairy NEW!!
Hoodie: [ JP ]:dsg. Hoodie-Dissident / Apple-03 / FEMALE ( S )
Pants: KIM- Mesh Summer Short -Small-Black 
Shoes: [ JP ]:dsg. Sneaker Senesy / Multicolor / *MESH // NEW!!
Pose: Model Poses - 3 - E  NEW!!

Listen : Yellowcard - Only One

4 oct 2012

#. 506 Indian Summer Set :3

Hair: Burley
Skin: al vulo- Livia * rouge 2 blonde brow claveage fairy NEW!!
Shirt: .::Y&R::. Stars  strap top  GroupGift
Pants: Mon tissu
Feet: *GA*
Sofa: Prism Furniture Indian Summer Sofa NEW!!

3 oct 2012

#. 505

Hair: >TRUTH<
Skin: A CUP [MyDear]Rosanne Skin--Medium 2HB
Dress: >>>Poison<<< Denim dress tube_mesh_blue_female NEW!!
Jacket:- CHANDELLE - Jacket Ty black [M] MESH
Shoes: ::CENSORED::. Joanne  black
Pose: Model Poses - 2 - A NEW!!

#. 504

Hair: >TRUTH< Hilary - chocolate
Skin: :F: Maria . Cream . 07 GroupGift October. Join 199L$ NEW!!
Cardigan: .::CENSORED::. Cardigan_beige M @TSF NEW!!
Dress: L`Exception- Belted Tia Dress- Autumn (xs) NEW!!
Necklace: Izzie's - Long Flower Necklace silver Gacha
Sandals: Slave

Listen : Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen - Good Time

@The Boho Culture Fair

The theme of this event is : Urban Clothes, Hippies, Colorfull...
This event starts 15 october, and finish day 30.
For TP see this post  later
And see the OFFICIAL BLOG for more information.

2 oct 2012

#. 503

Hair: Burley
Skin: al vulo- Livia * candy blonde brow claveage fairy NEW!!
Lashes: "tSg" Feathery Black Lashes
Shirt: Mon tissu
Poncho: .::CENSORED::. Linne Poncho  1 XS FC NEW!!
Pants: - CHANDELLE - Pants Jen. gray @THE SWAG FEST NEW!!
Bracelets + Watch: [EY:NO] Watch & Leaf-Bracelets (Autumn) NEW!!
Shoes: UBU