31 dic 2011

#. 292 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.


Skin: :F: Nathalie . Cream . 02 ( C ) NEW!!
Dress: ::[u.f.o}::always belong to you -
Shoes: PM

#. 291 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.


Hair: [e] Brezee
Skins: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Polly ] 3 Tones Private Room NEW!!
Shirts: :::LiNe::: FashionStar Colors: yellow, red, grey and baby pink NEW!!
Pants: [CheerNo Femme] Catanga Jeans 03
Shoes: PM 

30 dic 2011

#. 290 Paseo Por Nuestro Inventario.

On me (Right)

Hair: [e] Quirky NEW!!
Skin: al vulo!- Polly*  natural claveage porcelain Private Room NEW!!
Scarf: AOHARU_Xmas_FurStole GroupGift
Dress: -tb- Amor Fati Dress - Seafoam Collabor 88
Jacket: *RibboN* no collar jaket (gray
Shoes: Maai " Sugar " buckled heels, 18 socks options, black

On Pink (Left)

Skin: – *MY UGLYDOROTHY – Avigail NEW!!
Hair: – [BURLEY] – Tae
Dress: – -tb- – Amor Fati Dress - Pale Peach Collabor 88
Stole: *Fishy Strawberry* – Eos Babydoll Christmas Edt. Past Gift
Clutch:  ::Duh!:: – Little Black Clutch DIMH
Socks:– Kyoot – Lacey White Knee Socks
Shoes:  – HouseofFox – ArchBoots[Nude]

29 dic 2011

#. 289 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: >TRUTH< Mischa
Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::Onyx:::*LightSkin*J1 NEW!!
Jacket: - CHANDELLE - Jacket Mia 2 black
Dress: - CHANDELLE - Dress Leila A


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28 dic 2011

#. 288 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: >TRUTH< Adele 
Skin: [IREN]-=Zoey=-cold winter@TFG NEW!!
Shape: ::[annaA]:: Body Shape "Iliane" NEW!!
Eyeliner: [[Mozz]] Cosmetics
Eyelashes: *REDGRAVE*
Necklace: Gypsys! Teacup necklace (fall)
Jacket: *Tea Time* Jacket denim Stripes  Pink 
Skirt: *Tea Time* TubeSkirt Stripes orange Past GSP 
Shirt: {mon tissu}
Thigt: JANE - lil' piggies tights.waffleknit.greedy

27 dic 2011

#. 287 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: Maitreya 
Shape: ::[annaA]:: Body Shape "Zuri" NEW!!
Skin: al vulo!- sakia*  disco  NEW!!
Shirt: .::YoPulga::. Basic Leopard Shirt NEW!!
Scarf: ~Pepper~ Scarf Bobble Cap Part Of set Here
Pants:  .:.*{ S.G }*.:. Pants Part of Nyle
Belt: ~Pepper~ Brass Knuckle Belt - WHITE  Past TFG
Shoes: UBU


26 dic 2011

#. 286 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Luckyboard01 
Sweater: .::Y&R::. Knit sweater group gift
Scarf: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Wide Scarf Free
Pants: .;Aissence.: Boyfriend Jean Set No avaiable.
Boots: {*I <3FashiOn*}  Snow Boots - Grey  NEW!!

#. 285 Paseo Por Nuestro Inventario.

1 Criistinaa chau

Hair: [ 69 ] 
Skin: al vulo Jenny * red claveage milk
Eyelashes: Mystique Seductive Eyelashes BLACK
Jacket: - CHANDELLE - Jacket Mia 2 black
Earrings: KTrends ES3s NEW!!
Necklace: Gypsys! Just a key necklace
Dress: [Random Fashions] - Wild Closed Shop.
Leggins: *+*JILL*+*Leggings-Black-Plain  Closed Shop.

2 Pinkcoconut Debevec

Hair: – Lelutka – AWE hair – Glucose Edited GroupGift
Skin: – *MY UGLYDOROTHY – Bianca NEW!!
Scarf: – Ohmai – A Lil' Foxy (Artic Fox) (Collabor88
Jacket: – Emery – Biker Jacket
Gloves: – AdN – STAR SATISFACTION Gloves Closed Shop.
Skirt:  bonne chance! – White Dress (Part of dress) GroupGift
Leggings: – *cp* – python black tights
Shoes: – PM – Lace Pumps in White  GroupGift

25 dic 2011

#. 284 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Chika4" NEW!!
Skin: al vulo- maddy * Only Bloggers, thanks Hlin!
Eyeliner: [[Mozz]] Cosmetics
Dress: *EC* Milli Petite - Teacake
Shoes: PM
Pose: Purpleposes 058

22 dic 2011

#. 283 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

With All Makeups of Al Vulo! Sakia




Hair: [e]
Skin: [Al Vulo! Skin] - [ Sakia ] smoky blonde brow bronze NEW!!
Outfit: *{ SeVered GarDeN }* Nyle * Navi NEW!!

#. 282 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: (Posh)
Skin: al vulo- giulia* natural claveage porcellain
Short Shirt: :::LiNe::: BasicShort New!!
Long Shirt:  :::LiNe:::  BasicLong New!!
Panties:  :::LiNe:::  BedTime New!!
Dress:  :::LiNe:::  SnowDrop New!!

20 dic 2011

#. 281 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: Truth
Skin: MOJO /BALD/-02 NEW!!
Dress: .:Sticky fingers:. My black heart dress NEW!!
Shoes: Mstyle 

18 dic 2011

#. 280 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: TRUTH - Elle 
Skin: al vulo- sally * black 2 teeth claveage porcelain
Dress: :STICKY FINGERS: My gray ballet baby doll dress 
Shoes: pixel mode
Bag: Le Poppycock *Petit sac* Frost at Midnight League of Christmas Hunt
Eyelashes: Izzie's - Eyelashes v1.03 with 

17 dic 2011

~Pepper~ Complete Set !!


this comlet set for only 250 L $ of  ~Pepper~ Complete Set xs !
Eyes: SkyEyes 2 *Tea Time* New Release
Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Giulia ] Intense

15 dic 2011

!Admiral Spicy!@*.JULYs.* tattooss

Skin: !Admiral Spicy! Elaine (Pale) 01 NEW RELEASES
Tattoos: *.JULYs.*  NEW RELEASES

14 dic 2011

#. 279 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: [ 69 ] ENAA 
skin: al vulo- giulia* intense claveage porcellain
Outfit:*{ SeVered GarDeN }* Nyle * Black NEW!!

#. 278 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: Truth Bree
Skin: al vulo- Jenny * bonus claveage fairy Only With Fatpack!
Earrings: KTrends ES3s NEW!!
Dress: *HolliPocket* Softy Dressy-Top/Dress-White&Purple- GFW Avaiable Here
EyeLiner: [[Mozz]] Cosmetics
Shoes: Maai " Gabrielle " pumps, one colour, black

#. 277 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: [e] Breeze
Skin: {.essences.} Dharma skin for VF 2011 Not avaiable
Dress: Spirit Store - Iraida Dress black, red and white Winter Fair
Shoes: Maai " Gabrielle " pumps, one colour, black and red

12 dic 2011

#. 276 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: >TRUTH< Bree 
Skin: al vulo sally * peach 2 
Sweater: ::[u.f.o}:: chibi baka owl sweater
Pants: >>>Poison<<< Biker pants black NEW!!
Shoes: UBU
TV:  RetroTV By: Nestag Itano Marketplace

#. 275 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: >TRUTH< Elle
Skin: al vulo!- may* dolltoy  Winter Fair 
Shape: -BC- Shape Mira NEW!!
Sweater: Izzie's - Winter Sweater blue NEW!!
Pants: -BC- Broad Jeans "Black" (Pants) NEW!!
Tattoo: .:[S]alt [and] [P]epper]:. SMILE tattoo 
Mouth: ~Pepper~ Christmas NEW!!
Eyelashes: -BC- Make up - Basic Black Eye NEW!!
Socks: .::YoPulga::. Winter Socks NEW!!

10 dic 2011

#. 274 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: [y] Adele Winter - Light Blond Winter Fair
Skin: al vulo!- may* happynewyear claveage sunkissed Winter Fair
Jacket And Shirt: [y] Casual Jacket/Shirt - Gray Winter Fair
Pants: !Admiral Spicy! Flared Pants V2 (Black)
Boots: Reek 
Bag: Le Poppycock *Carpet Bag* Wind Child

#. 273 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: >TRUTH< Georgia 
Skin: al vulo!- may* dolltoy claveage sunkissed Winter Fair
Outfit: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Snowflake (Black) NEW!!

9 dic 2011

Krasota Skin Winter Fair

All Tones And All Makeups :)

#. 272 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: >TRUTH< Brit - barley
Skin: al vulo!- may* fever claveage hb porcellain Winter Fair NEW!!
Sweater: Izzie's - Winter Sweater white NEW!!
Pants: True Legend Black Stone Washed Jeans No avaiable
Belt: BARBIEDOLL Dirty Black Belt NEW!!
Shoes: Maai " Sugar " buckled heels, 18 socks options, black NEW!!

8 dic 2011

#. 271 Paseo Por Nuestro Inventario.

On me ( Left )

Hair:  >TRUTH< Jersey - barley
Skin: al vulo!- may* stardust porcellain Where Is The Hunt
Makeup: [[Mozz]]
Shirt: [arnadi] - Long Tshirt Princess
Pants: fri. 
Shoes: UBU PornStar

On Pink ( Right )

Hair:  [kik]hair-Shinobu(honey)
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY –Amy New!!
Shirt: [arnadi] - Long Tshirt Faster Pussycat Kill Kill  New!!
Scarf:  Ibizarre Big Leo Scarf
Headband: (Elate!) Silk Bow Headband
Necklace: ::GB::two-strand necklace
Bracelets: :Amorous : You
Leggins: [BZ]LeopardPants_white
Socks:  LaViere – -LaViere- Basic Mid Calf Socks
Shoes: :  [GOS] – [DOCS] 8-Hole Female Lower

                                                                            RetroTV by: Nestag Itano, Marketplace Link.
And scenary from Framen Spain

Por favor, visita el blog de Pinkcoconut ♥ 
Please visit the blog of Pinkcoconut

6 dic 2011

Where is hunt...? started today!!!

you have to find a pink star!! 
¡¡ at 12 P.M Hour SL !! 

#. 270 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: Truth
Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ May ] - [ Ghost of the Past Porcelain  ] Winter Fair Gift.
Dress: - CHANDELLE - Dress Luiza white NEW!!
Shoes: Mstyle

5 dic 2011

#. 269 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: Fri. 
Skin: :F:. Female  ( Cream ) Group Gift 
Sweater: !1mm*** Cape  coat tweed brown The colour modified by me Group Gift
Skirt: Emery  The colour modified by me 
Leggins: my winter legging1; Es' cusi Group Gift
Scarf: ~Pepper~ Scarf Braided 
NeckLace: [EY:NO] Snowglobe Necklace ( Snowman ) NEWW!! 
Boots: [N]  Closed for renovation.

4 dic 2011

#. 268 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: Truth
Skin: al vulo!- may* dolltoy claveage Hb sunkissed Winter Fair NEW!!
Top: - Nemesis - Peace top ceda TFG
Pants: -BC- Side Button Jeans "Black" (Pants)
Shoes: PixelMode


3 dic 2011

#. 267 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: ~Pepper~ Bobble Cap Hair - PLAIN With scarf. NEW!!
Skin: "tSg" Chloe in Zissis - NT/Bust/Blonde - Clear Skin  NEW!!
Sweater: ~Pepper~ Cozy Sweater - GREY NEW!!
Pants: -BC- Faded Jeans "Black" (Pants) 
Shoes. UBU

#. 266 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: Truth
Skin: TSG Chloe in Alabaster - NT/Bust/Black - Clear Skin NEW!!
Jacket: - CHANDELLE - Jacket Mia7 red NEW!!
Shirt: Belote - Lace Tanktop - Black 1
Pants: !Admiral Spicy! Flared Pants V2 (Black) NEW!!
Necklace: !Admiral Spicy! Rudys Necklace NEW!!
Boots: Duh!

Skin Makeup's!

Skin Tone's


1 dic 2011

#. 265 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: [e]
Skin: *JeSyLiLO*::2012Dec::GroupGift*skin NEW!!
Shirt: Crazy
Lashes: [[Mozz]] 
Pants: Belote - Leggings.  black*
Shoes: *JeSyLiLO*Flat.Moon* black.*
Other skin: *JeSyLiLO*::2012Dec::*DollSkin* NEW!!