29 mar 2012

#. 373 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: *REDGRAVE* Hair Edward -MidBrown NEW!!
Skin: *REDGRAVE* 01 Pale Skin -Edward- (shaved)  NEW!!
Shape: -BC- Shape Paul NEW!!
Glasses: ::EM:: Unisex Natural SunGlasses
Tongue:.:A&M:. Emote Tongues - "Say aaaah"
Jacket: Respec! Baseball Jacket Gray Unisex
Pants: Spirit Store - Ella rigged mesh jeans unisex  male NEW!!
Shoes: {*I <3 FashiOn*}Check Slip-On

27 mar 2012

#. 372 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

All Makeups of Ayla.

The skin is avaiable in 4Tones more. 

Skin: :F: ( C ) - Ayla . Cream . 01 NEW!!
Shirt: L`Exception- Tube Tops- I love NY NEW!!
Jacket: [EY:NO]  My Cute Shrug  (black)  NEW!!
Necklace: ~Pepper~ Name Necklace NEW!!
Bracelets: ASO! Leather Bracelet-cross(p.pinkxsilver) NEW!!
                ASO! Leather Bracelet-coin(p.greenxsilver) NEW!!
Shorts: [CheerNo Femme] No avaiable
Shoes: KIM-Monnde Mesh Platform Heels -Black- NEW!!

New Releases of [MyDear]

All Makeups Of Irene.

Makeups Of Grette

 Tones of Irene & Grette Skins.

All Makeups,Tones & Lipsticks of higeya Skin! 


26 mar 2012

#. 371 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: KIK free
Skin: [MyDear]Irene Skin-- Pale #1 NEW!!
Shirt: C'est Moi! Owl tshirt
Shorts: [CheerNo Femme] No avaiable TrollFace 
Leggins: *Latte*Jewelry Tights-Black Closed
Necklace: Gypsys! Indian necklace 1
Bag: Le Poppycock *Pop Tote* La vie d'une fille NEW!!
Bracelet: ASO! Leather Bracelet-cross(p.orangexsilver) NEW!!
Shoes: ::TGIS::

25 mar 2012

#. 370 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Skin: :F: Ludicia . Spc . Tan ( C ) TTB edition.
Glasses: .::YoPulga::. Nerd SunGlasses
Necklace: [EY:NO] Diva Teddybear Necklace
Bracelet: [PERPETUUM] bracelet doll NEW!!
HairBand: .::YoPulga::. Polka Dot HairBand
Shirt: .::YoPulga::. Pink Dream On Mesh Shirt NEW!!
Skirt: Spirit Store - Apista mesh skirt black NEW!!
Leggins: {K}Rea Sequined Leggings B/W 1 Past PW
Shoes: *COCO*

24 mar 2012

#. 369 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Skin: MIASNOW Skin - Zombie Popcorn Baby No Avaiable.
Glasses: - CHANDELLE - Glasses Liv. black1 NEW!!
Bodysuit: MDL-Bodysuite Blue NEW!!
Skirt: Spirit Store - Apista mesh skirt black NEW!!
Jacket: - CHANDELLE - Jacket Mia 2 black
Shoes: MDL  - Metallic Celeste NEW!!

22 mar 2012

#. 368 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: Burley
Skin: al vulo- leilani* black claveage bronze Avaiable Tomorrow NEW!!
Lipstick: al vulo!- Leilani lipstilk red for bronze -NEW!!
Dress: coldLogic dress - vergara.strawberry (S) NEW!!
Clutch: Izzie's - Clutch black 
Glasses: [ JP ]:dsg. Shades-Clubmaster *MESH* NEW!!
Shoes: KIM-Monnde Mesh Platform Heels -Black NEW!!

21 mar 2012

#. 367 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: (r)M ~ Hair No.22 ~ Champagne (Natural Brown) NEW!!
Glasses: .::YoPulga::. Nerd SunGlasses
Dress: Spirit Store - Agren mesh dress NEW!!
Shoes: KIM-Monnde Mesh Platform Heels -Black-WEAR ME-Black Sole NEW!!

20 mar 2012

#. 366 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Skin: al vulo- riha* Disturbia  bronze [_Stuff in Stock_] Discount! NEW!!
Jumpsuit ::HH:: Hucci Lena Jumpsuit - Daffodil NEW!!
Shoes: ::HH:: Hucci Vintage Wedge - Midnight Collabor88 NEW!!

19 mar 2012

#. 365 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Skin: KRASOTA - April skin T. 2 m. 1 NEW!!
Romper: ::HH:: Hucci Fiona Romper - Mint  NEW!!
Shoes: [EY:NO] Flats (latte) NEW!!

18 mar 2012

#. 364 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: TRUTH 
Skin: al vulo- giulia* cateyes claveage porcellain
Romper : ::HH:: Hucci Heritage Romper - Midnight Collabor88

#. 363 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Skin: al vulo- sally * pink 2 claveage sunkissed
Shirt: Izzie's - *resize* Bottom Kitty Top Perfect Wardrobe  NEW!!
Panties: -Flower- panties No Avaiable
Pants: - CHANDELLE - Pants Leky. NEW!!
Shoes: *ordinary*

17 mar 2012

#. 362 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Skin: KRASOTA - Lita skin T. 1 m. 1 NEW!!
Skirt: ASO! SpringFlowerSkirt(floral pink) NEW!!
Top: ASO! SpringFlowerBlouse (floral pink)Short NEW!!
Shoes: MIEL

All Makeups Krasota Lita

Krasota Lita Tones.

#. 361 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: Wasabi pills NEW!!
Skin: KRASOTA - Lita skin T. 1 m. 1 NEW!!
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (Grey Shadow, w1)
Corset: Spirit Store - Beth  mesh corset balck cherry NEW!!
Pants: [ SAKIDE ] Low Unbuttoned Jeans Ripped Black 
Shoes: Opium Extreme AnkleBoots Brown NEW!!

#. 360 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: Analog pause puff Free
Skin: -BC- Skin - Aliyah - Tan - Cateye [Cleavage - Teeth]
Shape: -BC- Shape Lolle NEWW!!
Necklace: [EY:NO] Glamour Cross Necklace
Dress: .::YoPulga::. Blue Zipper Dress  NEWW!!
Glasses: .::YoPulga::. Nerd Glasses
Shoes: PM 

16 mar 2012

#. 359 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: No Avaiable
Skin: Le Poppycock *Audrey* Full-blown rose (Cleavage) NEW!!
Shirt:  A.M.K.R BORO-Tee  1
Pants: AOHARU_CuffedJeans_Short_Dark 1 
Shoes: AOHARU_WALK_FlatGladiatorSandals_Black

14 mar 2012

12 mar 2012

New Shape!!:D

New Shape Only for 79L$!! :)

Buy Here! : ::Perfect Body::

#. 358 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: Fri. 
Skin:  -Belleza- Lily V4 Sk WCF
Sweater: [ JP ]:dsg. Navajo - Hoodie / Blue-print
Pants: {Elygo}  Unisex Denim White GSP  NEW!!
Shoes: DEF! Sneakers/Falsetto/Black White & Red GSP  NEW!!

#. 357 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Skin: [Katsucide] Laura Light Night NEW!!
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (Grey Shadow, w1)
Shirt: [Cynful] Shirt - Joey ~ GSP Special  NEW!!
Pants: [Cynful] - Eve Britches - PAST GSP NO AVAIABLE
Shoes: - CHANDELLE - Shoe Hanna. black NEW!!

11 mar 2012

#. 356 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Skin: al vulo!- Alena*  bad girl - black claveage sunkissed (avaiable on The Private Room, in 3 tones, Cacoa, Sunkissed, and Porcelain) NEW!!
Eyes:  Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes 
Shirt: KIM- Lala Mesh Shirt Tiger White FFL 2012 NEW!!
Pants: AOHARU_CuffedJeans_Short_Gray
Necklace: JKTrends blackPearls - ncklace - 2 NEW!!
Earrings: ~Pepper~ Coin Earring black NEW!!
Bracelet: JKTrends Pearls w - Bracelet  Group Gift
Shoes: ::TGIS::

9 mar 2012

#. 355 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: Magika
Skin: :F: Anie 01 Fair
Outfit: *{ SeVered GarDeN }* Nixie * rose NEW!!

7 mar 2012

#. 354 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Skin: [IREN]-=Janine=-pale NEW!!
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Grey Shadow, w1) 
Dress: *MonCheri* Lace Satin Slip [Noir] WEAR Whore Couture NEW!!
Shoes: PM


6 mar 2012

#. 353 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Skin: [IREN]-Isy GSP  NEW!!
Dress: AMD
Necklace: Fluffly Heart Necklace GSP  NEW!!
Thights:  [IREN] Torn Net Tights NEW!!
Shoes: PM

#. 352 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair:  ""D!va"" Hair "Shizuka" NEW!!
Skin: KRASOTA - April skin T. 1 m. 1 Whore Couture NEW!!
Dress: Maai " Andy " dress  NEW!!
Clutch:  Izzie's - Clutch black NEW!! 
Shoes: [e]

4 mar 2012

#. 351 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Skin: [IREN]-=Janine=-light NEW!!
Makeup:  [IREN]  Janine_Makeup/black NEW!!
Dress: .:AVALE:.  Laylla .Brown. NEW!! 
Necklace: :FANATIK: Beaded gold wrap necklace NEW!!
Bangles: .:AVALE:.  Tahiti .Gold NEW!!

2 mar 2012

#. 350 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Hair: Exile
Skin: [IREN]-Isy-native_young chic Whore Couture  NEW!!
Shirt: .::YoPulga::. Black Leopard Spiker Shirt NEW!!
Glasses: *BR* - Nerd Glasses (Black)  NEW!!
Pants:  AOHARU_CuffedJeans_Short_Gray
bangles: *COCO*
Shoes: Reek

1 mar 2012

#. 349 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Skin: -Belleza- Lily V1 Sk WCF (cleavage)   Whore Couture  NEW!!
Sweater:  [ JP ]:dsg. Sweater*Corporate / black / FEMALE
Bag: KristicA- Travel Bag (black3) NEW!!
Glasses: *BR* - Nerd Glasses (Black)  NEW!!
Belt: ~Pepper~ Loose Belt
Pants: AMERIE 
Shoes: [ JP ]:dsg. - HighPads  / black

#. 348 Paseo Por Mi Inventario.

Skin:  :F: Vanessa . cream . 01 NEW!!
Dress: Maai " Mina " dress Mesh NEW!!

All Makeups & Tones of Vanessa