13 may. 2015

♥. 1216 UUUUUps!

I'm so so sorry for don't post nothing this day's, so.. i have a excuse, it's not good time for me in rl, i dont have imagination, i try do posts every day, promise but i can't, i not have idea why... I have a little problems in RL, maybe it's that.

So.. please understand me.

HAIR:  Bens Hair Style - Lucia Hair Blonde 1

SKIN: Izzie's - Dailyn Skin pale BLB CL

DRESS: [BREATHE]-Olga Cotton Mini Dress

BAG: ::C'est la vie !:: Manon Bag Gacha(pink) -c.ver-

HEADBAND: ASO! Ajisai Headband (white)

SHOES: _CD_Tricky Pale Rose