2 nov. 2011

Hunt Mushroom!!

Hints and Landmarks

Hint:  I love birds

#2 *JD*DESIGN Jewelry
Hint: outside near a tree

Hint: Near the stairs..

Hint: Please see above.

Hint: one of the doors...

Hint: Remember to water the plants!

Hint: Near the roots got a lot of water to grow mushrooms

Hint: You need find Sookie

Hint: I can see if you look for me in the nature

Hint: Mushies are always caught up in those greens!

Hint: The corner of my house is dark

Hint: Many secrets are hidden in the attric

Hint: You can see mushroom next the Pumpkin near the out side door ^^

Hint: I am in the first floor

Hint: Are you Chic or chick?

#16 Pekka
Hint: I'm free

Hint: Ask the bird in the window !

#18 Belote
Hint: Only a woman can be a queen?

#19 KIM
Hint: Playing...

Hint: Is the opposite place wher you can found.. a mushroom!

Hint: Try your lucky!

Hint: Sit relax under the tree!

Hint: Under one of the stairs

Hint: I'm a star

Hint: OR Sit on me

Hint: This will keep you feeling cool..

Hint: Be quick before the squirrels eat me!

Hint: I do not think the mushrooms grow on trees...you? :P

Hint: I'm looking a lot of hands from here ...

#30 nocc.
Hint: Mushrooms are a foliage plant and a good friend.

Hint: Lonely sunflower get a company

Hint: Oh Pumpkin Season!

#33 Blah.
Hint: Feeling Lucky?

Hint: ??

#35 UNA
Hint: Look there are mushrooms around the tree !!

Hint: I can grow in the garden......

Hint: A comfortable place to relax

Hint: Outside

GooD HunT!