29 nov. 2014

♥. 2 Room Decor

(Photo by Owner of Shutter Field)

Wood Cabin: shutter field - cosy cabin - wood new

First Image:

[Brixley] Key Door Mat
Serenity Style- Flower Fence LIGHT  new
Serenity Style- Flower Fence RARE   new
Serenity Style- Natural Pumpkins
shutter field - sled decor - candles - red  new

Second Image: 

[Brixley] Taped Poster - moon RARE
[Brixley] Flowery cusion

Third Image: 

Apple Fall Dapper Chair w/ Deco (Chocolate Leather)
[Brixley] Shelf with decor - RARE

Quarter Image: 

Serenity Style- Ellete Elf Brown
Serenity Style- Autumn Ladder
[Brixley] Coffee Mug Rack
Serenity Style- BirdHouse Rare
 HOME FURNISHINGS & DANDELION GARDEN CENTER - little lights  SIDE CURTAIN Past Home & Garden Expo 2014

Fifth Image: 

[Brixley] Autumn Words wall art
[Brixley] Striped Rug
[Brixley] Striped cushion
[Brixley] Pastel Stripes cusion
[Brixley] Old Table - medium wood
[Brixley] Faux Fireplace 1
Izzie's - Dried Flowers Board 1
[Brixley] Pastel Crate - yellow/stripes
[Brixley] Triangle Bunting - pastel